I get the whole "stop breeding" thing, I really do. But, some of you people are just plain dicks about it. The world is definitely overpopulated and we, as a species, need to quit popping out them babies. What I don't get is all the negativity and WHINING that comes from these anti-breeding people. You people are just plain sad. I bet you were little spoiled shits when you were kids, right? Hey, your parents decided to breed, are they assholes for it? Your parents raised a self-righteous little prick who gripes and complains all day long, so maybe they are assholes. Education is what we need, not a bunch of grumpy old dipshits doing nothing more than spray painting stop signs. How pathetic is that? "Hey man, I'm totally gonna paint the word 'Breeding' under the word 'Stop', that'll show 'em!" "Show them what, that you're a dumbshit?" "Wha?" If you really want to curb people from breeding, then certainly don't vote for a Republican, those psychos want no end to breeding, for "God will provide". Whatever. If I was a kid today, I'd egg the fuck out of your house, that'd show you.