This whole Ann Romney thing, about her not working, is just leaving me speechless. It took me some time to gather my composure after I heard of this vicious attack thrust upon poor Ann. I, too, am a stay at home mom and I'm really outraged. No, we're not as wealthy as the Romneys, but we struggle just the same. I think we make about half of what they do, kind of a living month to month sort of thing. If you look up into the West Hills, you'll see that large castle-like house to the left of the tower, that's our house. It's not as big as the Romney's, but it's ours. It's definitely a fixer with only 4 bathrooms! When we look down on you people, and I don't mean that in a classist sense, I mean that we're literally looking down on you, we really feel a sense of connection. We love you people, especially the stay at home moms like myself. I hope you mothers are outraged too, since only we know the hard work we put in. When our nannies and chauffeurs take the day off, only you and I know how hard it can be raising our children for the day, especially on a budget. Am I right, ladies?