There is a direct correlation between the more sun being in the sky and idiots playing their music loudly. From Ranchero music blaring out of chrome-plated trucks, to Hip Hop coming from cars so low that the muffler scrapes the street, to classic rock being pumped out of a crappy Camaro. More sun equals more noise! Like in nature, certain mammals change their behavior to correspond with the seasons. The dumb love sunny days, for it triggers something inside of them that makes them think it's a great idea to show the world how stupid they are. Unfortunately, I get to experience the Ranchero side of things and I can't fucking stand it. Circus music bass lines rattling my windows while hours of car washing takes place across the street. If they would only keep their yard as clean as their vehicles, I might let the loud music slide. Perhaps a slashing of a tire is in order tonight. I sometimes hate sunny days.