I ain't from here, a non-native as it were, just like the majority of YOU are. California is where I was born and raised, on the playground spent most of my days... and you know the rest. Growing up, I truly experienced this melting pot that people speak of. I had brown friends, black friends, Asian and white, all the colors of the Benetton rainbow. A different social status was had by all, no matter the color. Moving up here in the mid 90's, I was amazed at how fucking white it was. Everywhere you go, it's just white, white, white, white, white, white, white! Man, oh man, that pale pink skin just kinda grosses me out sometimes. All the minorities are in their place here, at the bottom where you white folks like them...or at least expect them to be. It's a shame that as progressive as Portland claims to be, the minorities can't move up the social ladder. Standing on the side of the road looking for work, or getting shot in the back by the cops, the non-Caucasian folk sure have it rough. A godforsaken sea of eternal white...ugh. Gives me the shivers just imagining what those skinny white guys look like in the buff, all pale and gross and looking prepubescent. l think I'm gonna puke now: Barf.