I saw you Mr. Police Radar Guy. I saw you set up that "Photo Radar Enforced" sign intentionally out of sight. You placed it on the sidewalk, in between a parked car and a bus stop and there is NO way in hell that someone driving by could see it. I assume that this sign being placed out is the law, to give drivers "fair" warning of your fat ass parked 2 blocks down. Sign out of sight, you did, in fact, drive 2 blocks down and hid your van in front of more parked cars. Cars driving by and flashed bulbs lit up as pictures were taken, racking up the tickets to pad your budget. Do you feel good about yourself, being all sneaky about that sign? Do you go home at the end of the day and actually feel that you've made a difference in the world? Did you dream of being an asshole cop hiding like a rat to catch speeders when you were a kid? Do you pat yourself on the back because you're so very proud of keeping our society safe from speeders going 2-3 miles over the limit? I bet you do, you sign hiding, talk radio show listening, front seat staining, stomach ever expanding shell of a man. What an ass!