I'm short, so what? Im overweight too and sometimes I don't do my laundry for a week. I sit around and game most days. You may have seen me around town standing at a bus stop and if your a dick, you probably said some shitty thing to me. My hair is long and I have a scraggly goatee with a few zits scattered about my face. I dont have a girlfriend, which Im sure to some of you dicks out there comes as no surprise. As you might suspect, I don't have alot of self-esteem. I've lived a life most of you will never know. I've had sex once, and I'm 34 years old. I've sort of given up on ever having a real life, with a family and all. That's never been in the cards for me. When I went out the other day and ate 2 burritos from the new mexican place around the corner, I didn't know they wouldn't sit well. I ususally have a strong stomach, but not with these things. I tried to take the bus home, but I couldn't. So, when you saw me drop my pants and take a huge shit that exploded on the side of that Tri-Met trash can, I'm sure it grossed you out. But, living the life I have lived, I kinda didn't care. I was surprised at how little shame I had. I don't know how to feel about this.