Eye drops and nail fungus drops shdnt be sold in identical pkgs. Nearly blinding mishap this morning due to this, KAISER URGENT CARE, etc. not me, someone VERY CLOSE, EVEN WORSE! How can fda approve this OBVIOUSLY DANGEROUS similarity? why do we pay taxes? do we have a lawsuit here? i am furious this nearly ruined my loves life. what rights, if any, do we have? I mean, eye drops are often used by people w impaired vision. I am certain this exact sh*t has happened countles times due to corporate cheapness n greed. We are all in danger from all sides, getting ripped off by the evil corporate takeover of all usa made items and outsourcing to CHINA.
Watch your every move, they are out to eliminate us, sounds crazy but i feel it. Apocalyptic terror!
31 minutes ago That is so bizarre, whenever I get ANYTHING from Kaiser pharmacy (more and more throughout the years, my night stand pillbox looks like Judy Garland's) they go through a mind-numbing time-sucking, but fortunately non-blinding examination and reexamination of the item and (if it it is first use or reuse) a mind-numbing time-sucking explanation of possible side effects (a la tv commercial).
28 minutes ago He has another appt tomrw. He is ok, Wildly horrible start to what was to be a long day of nuthin. Wish i could handle my liquor, i would have a half caraffe o wine. Bh wil have to do.
33 minutes ago I make a living as a nurse....my livelihood depends on shit like this.....and car accidents and illness and stupidity