It’s Like Shaking My Hand


Just imagine how many people struggle to feign politeness toward You each day, o brave warrior.
Amatuer hour. I beat off in dressing rooms and put my come onto merchandise. If at Ross, I always give my ass a wipe. Fear not, I see potential in you little buddy.
This guy's letter tries way too hard to stir ire... reddit troll at best.
Again, people who think that having a serious anti-social disorder is just a punk-rock personality "quirk" and they're just a loveable Archie-Bunker style curmudgeon.

There's a hole in you. Why don't you figure out how to fill that up instead of taking it out on other people?
Señor 4,
I can put my thing in your hole. Pinchay cabrones....
When do you plan to move up to anthrax?