Who the fuck are you looking for? I have applied for your job opening and gone to a group interview, but I still got rejected. You picked a candidate who was well over qualified for the position to be in my interview group but it looks like that backfired for you. You said you would let us know if we made it to the second round by the end of the week, but I was told you found someone to fill in the position. Then I saw you posted the job again the next week. Like some idiot who doesn’t know any better I applied again because I fit the description of the candidate you are looking for perfectly. I assumed that you picked the overqualified person because you can’t pass on cheap labor but it looks like he actually got a job he was more qualified for sine you had to post the job opening gain. A week passes and I don’t hear anything. Then today you post the position again. What the fuck? You are only offering $13 an hour for the job. Why are you being so picky? I currently make more money at my current job and do way less than what you want the new person to do for your company but I want to work in your field. You have posted the job four times in a one month span but yet ignore me. In my cover letter I even offered to just do an internship. I just don’t understand why you don’t want to hire a person who wants to work for you and is qualified for the job.