It’s that moment of panic when you realize you’re totally in the wrong. Some people respond by calmly and rationally apologizing. When I was in this situation a few weeks ago, I responded by acting like a complete and total dickwad and blaming everyone but myself. I was biking home, and failed to make adequate clearance to cross the intersection in front of my apartment. The situation wasn’t dangerous, but somebody in a car honked at me, as they had every right to do. I responded by screaming, “Crosswalk, asshole!” as if the fact that I was riding my bike across a *crosswalk* without making clearance somehow made the situation not my fault. A passing pedestrian then informed me that I was the asshole (clearly), and I cursed at that person as well. I have no excuses for my actions. I sincerely apologize to both those parties and anyone else who chanced to see my reprehensible behavior. As was pointed out to me, I truly was the asshole. Mea culpa.