If classical music can supposedly make you smarter, doesn't it stand to reason that other genres can make you stupid? I'm talking about that mind-blowing STUPID music called Ranchero. Dear fucking Lord, is there any music more annoying than Ranchero? It sounds like the fucking circus has come to town. I have neighbors across the street that insist on playing that shit at random hours of the fucking day. And let me tell ya, they don't appear to be the brightest bulbs. One of them took a piss on their driveway last week, because apparently the bathroom was too far. Trash and debris littered about their yard, yet their chrome plated trucks couldn't be shinier. They don't appear to have enough brain cells to rub together so that they can form any kind of thought process as to why NO ONE else on the block plays their music that loud. I mean, it's pretty bad when people can tell you're stupid just by looking at you. Dumb loves loud music, for it feeds some simple urge that lays within. That, and pissing on the driveway...like we all wanted to see your small penis, you fucking circus pig. Fuck!