Dearest Portland,

I love the way you smell on an early Spring morning, the way the sun sets in your hills. I love your nerdy charm, your (fairly) inexpensive housing. I love that by driving two hours in any direction, I will be in the mountains or on the beach. I love your close proximity to farms, your devotion to beer, your wonderful street food, your attitude towards nature.

But after two years of tireless effort of trying to break into an industry that apparently you are “known” for, it’s time to call it quits. I can no longer linger in two low-paying jobs, in the hopes of one day being promoted. I can no longer simply settle for pay that is “good enough”. I can no longer afford to do another internship. I can no longer do free craigslist work for my already overwrought portfolio. I can no longer spend hours crafting a perfect resume, just to have it thrown into the void. I can no longer chase my dreams in a city that prides itself in doing the bare minimum. My 20’s are not going to last much longer.

Something has got to give, Portland, and I’m afraid it’s you.