Dear street kids. You aren't homeless. You are BUMS. You are NOT entitled to have the right to sleep/camp on the street, just because you choose to not be a functioning member of society. You are drunk and high, dumping your trash everywhere, not cleaning up after your dogs, harassing people for money, and you want the rest of the world to give a shit about you?? FUCK YOU. You cannot mooch off of us just because you don't feel like working. You are not a victim - you are the PROBLEM. You tried to latch onto a political movement in an attempt to justify your laziness. If you are capable of aquiring camping gear, cellphones, musical instruments, pets, and an assortment of sharpies, then you are capable of working. Traveling? Fuck you - should have worked for the money before venturing out. Need beer and weed? Fuck you - why should we support your habits? Need food for your dog? FUCK YOU - you shouldn't have one. Go home, take a shower, and get a job- at least, try to.