There is something to be said about appreciation in a relationship. It shouldn’t only take place in the act of intimacy. We shouldn’t only truly love and appreciate one another when we’re giving each other pleasure. It should be persistent at all times. I do so much for you its annoying. I hardly get anything in return. Is it so wrong that, as your girlfriend, I like spending time with you? I feel like I’m the only one that ever tries to do anything for you. I threw you the best surprise birthday dinner and you were so thankful in that moment, but only because you were drunk. Your only emotion is when you’re drunk. I ask you to help me move my stuff and your response is “I don’t know, I might be hung over.” Wow, really nice of you. I only have a few men to ask and you aren’t even one of them. My ex would have said “Of course I’ll help you!”, he was always good for that. Always wanting to help, and always showing appreciation. I always say I don’t want to compare the two of you, but I do. He was a way better boyfriend than you will ever be. I have never felt more used than I do in this relationship. I deserve so much better. This rant has helped me realize how thankful I am that college has ended and we are moving away. I will be able to rid myself of you and not think too much about it. It’s so hard when you have all the same friends. But I will assure you, I will be appreciated as much as I appreciate someone else. Someday.