In the beginning of the Occupy movement, I'll admit, I was pretty excited. I had some friends who went downtown to protest and ended up camping at the park. I've never been one to follow 'just cuz', and I was hesitant to jump onboard the bandwagon. I visited my friend at the camp and what I saw, I couldn't connect with. What a mess! For me, I have to relate to something before I'll want to subscribe to the newsletter. The general cause: I agreed with. The now established method: not so much. I don't like "fractured" movements, or movements that want to "shock" people into joining. I have a job and kids. I have a mortgage (luckily), medical bills and other responsibilities. I can't just pick up and leave to join some protest to be announced moments before. I really wouldn't want to now. I need someone I can vote for. Where can I cast my vote, like those idiot Teabaggers? Say what you will about the Teabag movement, they got organized (with corporate funding, yes) and now they're in office and idiot rednecks can vote for them. What are we to do? Stand by and read about the protests online? Just say, "great, another protest, now what?". And, I hate to say it (no I don't), but most people I meet from Occupy are pompous assholes. Just like the Right-Wing close-minded zombies, the "left" can be just as arrogant and unwavering in their beliefs. And as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, begin all the sad little commentors criticizing this IA: