Something is bugging me and it's bugged me for a long time. Contrary to what some people will believe after reading this: I'm no bigot. Here it comes: BUT, I really don't get this whole 'telling the world you're gay, trans, bisexual, insert any other sexual identities here". I mean, I really don't get it. Why do people have to make known their sexual orientation at every opportunity? I'm straight and some non-straight people have said it's because straight people are free. I get that. I'm straight and I am accepted by society. Got it. But, I don't walk around telling the world that I'm straight. And I don't think my straightness shows, so it's not like I'm assuming people know. I don't go around, making every move simply because I'm straight. "I think I'll go to Fred Meyer's later, because I'M STRAIGHT", "Hmm, a movie sound good tonight, maybe I'll go, because I'M STRAIGHT", "Burgers sound delicious for lunch, I think I'll have one, because I'M STRAIGHT!" I don't live my life solely based on my sexuality and I certainly don't make it known at every opportunity. I like to think that I'm much more just than my sexuality. I just want to understand why non-straight people have to shove their sexuality down everyone's throat. Is it just me?