I do it everytime I want. Its that easy. I saw in Geo Nat Channel that one super human that was being filmed for having the same ability as me given bucks for it. So I went and started to eat the foam of my sofa. Its half empty now (like your soul). Then I got in my head the idea of trying metal, because apparently food didnt appealed to me, so I went and tried some of it. I could only lick it. I am not ashamed of my behavior (it has a medical name but who gives a shit) and am proud of bringing my bag of different supplies to every vegan meal. Razors, small bottles of vicodin, small bits of floor carpet, coins, and my favorite, those small plastic soldiers. They are very chewable. My friends have all come to terms with my eating array and call me lovingly cookie monster. My doctor says its better than my previous TAB and Hot Pockets breakfast regime. Am happy eating my alternative trash food lifestyle and I might peruse into other materials. This I,A is intended to find other enthusiasts of this alternative eating tasteÈ and like I said, to expand my palette of eating materials. I Am open to suggestions. It is not ok to contact me for other purposes. I like cans too.