To the family of "high fivers" that insist on standing outside the school each morning to high five each and every single student that walks through the doors....Stop it, Stop it now! For the past 7 months you (Grandma, Mother, Father, and yes, even baby brother) have slowed down the process of getting inside the school, because you insist on slapping every single little unwashed hand that passes through the threshold. I was hoping that at the least you would come down with a virus or two, but no you all have the immune systems of champions....which makes me dislike you even more. Every morning while I am standing in the rain, getting wet and sick because if your compulsion to "touch" children (waiting for my daughter to pass by (and yes, I hate to admit it she even high fives you all and I, everyday, shake my head in disappointment). I repeat Stop it, Stop it Now!!!!