In the drum circle I lost the beat again. Goddammit, really does this has to happen again. I was kicked out before the dancing naked guy went on a frenzy. My counselor says I have to keep digging inside for what's good. If I go and look deep inside, and not be afraid of what is wrong with me, maybe I can change. The time I broke the skin of the big beating drum because I was hitting it with a table fork it was entirely my fault. I shouldn't have done that. It's just common sense men. There is where I have to reflect and see where my head is headed. Be honest with yourself and you can get out of this funk too I heard. Where did that came from, I don't know, but am glad I fucked it up extreme because that means I can change big time everything that's wrong with me. But always remember they bend not to get fucked again by some stupid senseless drumming rampage. We all know X-Factor (not the tv show). Keep up the beat in time, but at least practice first. Go into the woods and meditate. It is unpleasant to give "wedgies" around like some fucking wrestling match over the stupidest things other people commit.