And yet another afternoon where I witness an asshole bicyclist running a stop sign. I'm sick of you people. I walk wherever I go, since I live pretty close to my work. I don't own a car or a bike, I own my fucking feet. I've had bicyclists cut me off, whiz by me at the speed of light and almost hit me and at one time or another, put my safety at risk. Plus, these fools are one arrogant bunch, preaching about how we all should live like them. I hate arrogant people, car drivers, bicyclists... whoever, they're just fucking annoying. Let's get down to the brass tax here bicyclists: The POLLUTION you create is more than me. I create none. I grow most of what I eat and what I buy is in compostable packaging, free trade, organic... all that jazz. The shoes I wear are made from tree rubber and renewable corkwood. YOU on the other hand, with your synthetically made gear and OIL-BASED tires and brake pads. That's right! Where does the worn off rubber go, dear bicyclists? Into the environment, of course! So, if I use your philosophy, I am BETTER than all of you. YOU people are destroying the earth in a small, but NOT insignificant way. Quit polluting, you arrogant assholes, and try to fucking obey traffic laws for once in your measly lives.
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Now for a change of pace, all the arrogant little commentors: