You stepped onto the bus & i saw the lovely structure of your face. You were handsome, you were beautiful. You caught me looking at you, & we made eye contact, for a second. i was hot, sweaty, no make-up. Gross feeling & plain jane looking as i read my book & forgot all about the world around me.
You got off at the same stop. There was noone else around. We walked. You were about 3 feet behind me, the whole way. We didn't speak. i realized the situation was uncomfortable, for you. i turned & gave you a smile. Yes, it was awkward, that long walk, with someone right behind you & never saying a word. But, i didn't know how to diffuse it, & neither did you. But we both knew it.

So, thank you. Thank you for finally catching up with me & saying " i'm sorry if i made you uncomfortable". i told you that you didn't. i knew that we were headed for the same apartments. But thank you for acknowledging that. And thank you for the lovely words that you said to me. For telling me that i am gorgeous, when i am a sweaty mess. For saying, with absolute respect, that you find my style of big, black boots & pants & a skirt ~ very attractive. Even though, culturally we may be worlds away. Thank you. You made me smile, & you made me feel respected & beautiful, as a woman.