As a feminist I steer clear of the c-word, but this is the only accurate word to use in reference to you.

You lie so much that you can't even keep track of your own deception. Is it because you're too busy spending your welfare check, financial aid, AND child-support on new tattoos and leather boots for yourself (P.S. vegans don't usually wear leather) while your daughter doesn't even have a bed to sleep in?

I honestly have no problem with you falling in love with anyone that wants more than a quick bar fuck from you, nor do I judge you for all of the coke you do, nor the countless Jerry Springer style fights you get in with your painfully boring ex-boyfriend. I judge you because you will stop at nothing to get what you want. Nothing is sacred to you. From claiming rape for revenge to capitalizing on death (of people you could give a sh*t about) by dramatizing your involvement as an excuse for your bad behavior... how do you sleep at night, other than in pools of your own piss? I know the opportunity for shirking responsibility for your actions must have been pretty tempting, but using deaths and claiming rape for your own twisted manipulation efforts is pretty foul.

Maybe even worse: I know you're failing 100-level community college courses (at the age of 30) because of the drunken binges, but 'of' and 'have' are NOT F***ING INTERCHANGEABLE!

I'm so glad I’ve ejected you from my life. Burn in hell, you dumb f***ing c***.

Love Always,