The icing on my cake. The thorn in my side. Fuck this shit. I'm sick and tired of people failed upward. People who aren't talented, people who don't know shit, people who are horrible human beings, becoming more successful then me. I saw your art, I heard about it when everyone raved. It ain't no great shakes, man. It's nothing. My 10 yr old nephew makes better art than your ass. I heard about your success. I've seen your new car and it really tightens my jaw knowing how you made it without any effort whatsoever. See what I'm saying? Dig what I'm laying down? These people, they all fail upwards. I try and I try, and I got nothing. I got no girl, I got no money. All's I got is my looks, but thems is fading. Fading fast. It doesn't pay to be a good person anymore, to have a good heart. You gotta hate babies, and dogs, and people who drive cars, and bicyclists... you gotta hate 'em all. Then you'll have friends. Then you'll be successful. Then you'll find love. Fuck this shit, I'm done caring. Flush out your headgear new guy, this shit is now rolling off my knife. Forget it.