The loud, obnoxious, drunk and belligerent douchebag at the Roger Waters' show the other night. I hope you woke up with a huge hangover, behind a wall of shame. While everyone around you were seated, you kept standing up, crossing your arms, and screaming the lyrics to "Hey You" like an idiot. The much older couple who's view you were blocking asked you nicely to sit down, and what did you do? Give them the finger. Your friends tried to calm you down, but you couldn't shut the fuck up for a second, and started ranting that you "paid your money" and you can do whatever you want. Well, WE paid our money as well - to watch the great theatrical event that was taking place on stage, not to watch some middle-aged Fubar reject act like a dick. I hope you heard us all applauding as security finally threw you out. Next time you want to act like an overgrown teenager, save it for a Metallica show.