I see you. I covet you. I want to fuck you. All of you. In the spring, when you're riding your shitty bikes with knit beanies and mary janes and thin tshirts, even though it's barely sixty degrees and mostly cloudy. In the upcoming summer when you show off your burned pink tits with white tanks and cover you ugly eyes with giant sunglasses. In the fall when you braid your hair and put on your pcoats and skinny jeans even though it hasn't dipped below fifty five. Even in the winter when you introspect and listen to the records you scored from your ex summer boyfriend and eat constantly. And when i die, my biggest regret will be that i didn't get to fuck all of you... long and hard... I'm trying, and I'm getting there. But I love you all. And i want you to know you're doing a really good job.