Portland people crack me up. My travels in the world have given me the experience with different ways of life in cities around the country. My opinion regarding Portland in general is this: its full of pretentious, tree-hugging, up-tight idiots. Take for example the Portland Police, Multnomah County Sheriffs Office, Washington County Sheriffs, and the Gresham Police. Why is it that all of these power tripping, bullys feel the need to stop someone walking down the street with a small child and groceries in their hands? Or pulling someone over just because their car is too ' flashy ' for a particular neighborhood? The transit police will bust your balls for talking too loud! Then, when you decide that enough is enough and request said ' public servants ' give valid reason for stopping, they physically immobilize you, arrest you, and convict you for making them do their job as required and not as they want. The judicial system in this grand city, * yawn *, is just as twisted, corrupt, and back asswards as well. You have judges that fail to look at each piece of evidence in a particular case, their inability to remain impartial to either party until all evidence has been produced, and argued, and the sentences handed out, are ridiculous! The laws which all you Portland folk vote on do more damage than they do good, and yet you still keep electing the same retarded officials over and over again. Wake up and look beyond your own front door people!