As I was driving south on NE 15th Ave, there you were: a solitary man atop a ten-speed, just minding your own business. I slowed down and trailed you for a bit, waiting for a good and safe time to pass. Cars heading North, the time to pass was not immediate, but when I saw that I had a clearing, I didn't do anything just yet, but in my head... I planned on passing you. All of a sudden, here's a parked motorcycle in your way and what do you do? You aggressively swerve to the left, to give this immobile motorcycle a wide berth. You literally swerved to almost the center lane, without looking and without giving any indication. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting you... or, to be more accurate: you hitting me. Shortly after, I was able to pass and I looked at you, for I wanted to see what this IDIOT looked liked. You had no clue as to what you had done no, you just had your headphones on, cycling blissfully onward with a STUPID look on your face. I'm sick and tired of bicyclists running red lights and stop signs. I'm sick and tired of you people doing 15 miles an hour in a 45 zone, all the while taking up an entire lane. I'm sick of you thinking that no matter what you do, you're always right. I could've killed you!
And the worst part? I would have been blamed for YOUR stupidity. Pay the fuck attention and learn how to obey traffic laws!