Two adorable boys in the Portland area that deserve a shout out:

Dream boat #1) I call this bartender "Pretty Ricky" and ladies, he is oh so pretty. He knows everything about tequila and whiskey. He's freaking adorable to boot with his rockabilly hair and boatshoes. I know, he was just being that dreamy bartender and working his charm for a good tip, but it worked. The wait staff informed me he had a sucky girlfriend so I didn't feel so bad when I wrote my number on my receipt. After three cocktails, I couldn't resist giving him that buzzed, bedroom eyes that I'm sure all ladies do. Pretty Ricky, you are just fine.

Dream boat #2) Let's call him Tennessee. Tall, and fireman hot. Your southern accent and sparkling eyes make my knees weak. Too bad you have a plain-Jane looking lady, with hipster glasses come in and smooch you from time to time. You seem young and possibly new to town... I'll keep my eye on you.