So, you grade school kids get to drive now? Seems kiddy driver’s ed skipped some basics. For example, when you've directed your car into a particular lane, the driver behind you will assume you’ve picked that lane. But you changed your mind mid-way to the intersection and then the other driver was stopped in “your” spot. So, you flipped the bird, yelled dirty names, rolled down your window and tried to start a fight. That’s usually cool enough for big kids but not sufficient when an adult ignores your completely justified tirade. A full-out tantrum was needed! And you went totally pre-school on it, throwing bits of junk from your car toward the car of that evil adult who had the gall to think that you’d already selected a lane! They’re obviously a conniving super villain whose mission became to make your morning a living hell. (Their gun-toting, short-tempered lackey would've been so much cooler.) Then, for a totally unanticipated twist, you cut them off after the light turned! (Pssst - maybe they’d have just let you in if you’d skipped the rage-filled theatrics.) You assumed their extended honk meant you'd pissed them off Actually, that was to attract the attention of witnesses to the mentally unstable safety hazard trying to cause an accident. You’d probably have felt it worthwhile to have the car that Mommy and Daddy bought you smashed, just to prove your amazingly poignant (big word - check the dictionary) point.