Was it really necessary to come up from behind me and dump your drink all over me as you exited the bus just because i didn't let you use my cell phone? First of all, you rudely asked to use my cell phone as if you were entitled to use it, with no "excuse me" or "please". Second, I'm not about to let just any stranger on the bus use my phone, especially one who decides to react the way you did, simply because someone told you "no". You're lucky i had somewhere to be and that I didn't get off the bus to follow you and your stupid little snickering friend. Its too bad that you're probably half my age and kicking your ass would land me in jail. But karma is as real as Portland is small, and if I see you again on that bus that I frequent, trust me, I'll really want to retaliate in the worst way possible. But since I am a decent human being that doesn't believe in beating up children, I will simply wish that you walk directly under a flock of shitting seagulls. Way to represent your shitty generation. Learn some fucking manners you disgusting degenerate.