Him: i can't stand leggings or any of that shit, it just shows a girl has given up
me: whoa, I'm currently in leggings, sir
Him: its bascially saying i don't really care i'm wearing this anyways and i don't care what dudes think about me
me: I'm sure you don't look stellar 24/7, sir
Him: i'm a dude, girls are supposed to look hot
me: WHOA!!
Him: why the whoa?
me: double standard much?
Him: nope
me: bullshit
Him: guys are like jeeps
me: girl = always pretty = happy men?
Him: girls are like ferraris, guys will get you where you need to go and go off road if need be, but girls are beautiful and need to be waxed and polished up. girl = looking good= confident= not getting comfortable in a relationship = good relationship
me: ... I sincerely, SINCERELY hope you're joking
Him: sorta - i'm just saying guys are functional, girls are to be flaunted
me: Hmmm, well. I'm not getting into this with you, but I disagree. I know you mean this in a nice way, but it's completely piggish and insulting.
Him: well i'll allow you to think that since you're hot :)