Folks, guess what's the cause of the slow-down of the economy here, and some countries abroad, such as Greece, Spain, Italy, as well as Egypt and Syria and others! It's the coming of the technology! And its negative engagement of over a billion of us, who are addicted to it worldwide; who sit at it 14 to 16 hours a day, who cannot part with it, and have no desire to get a job! They are broke and live a miserable life. Of course, this doesn't concern the folks who have jobs using the laptop and alike, the students, the elderly, those involved in research and so forth; they're exempt from this. [The folks who work with technology, get paid for their work, and pay their share of taxes are exempt from this blame.] The people I'm talking about, they're mostly young adults who sit at their laptops at home or cyber-cafÉs and so forth, all hours of the day and neglect everything else; their non-involvement (not getting a job) results in no income, which results in paying no income taxes. This lazy segment of the society, which comprise of billion or more worldwide, it creates poor governments which can not run its affairs such as Greece: We are hurting too; the reason we're not (yet) as bad as the Greeks is because our population is over 300 million and it takes much longer for us to feel the impact! Just think, up to 40+ years ago, this lazy segment was not inflicted by the technology; they were running around working and making money, thus paying taxes. Technology is great and help [EXCEEDED WORD LIMIT (or perhaps died?)—Eds]