[EDITOR'S NOTE: The person who submitted the following I, Anonymous obviously did not see our announcement that there is currently a two-month moratorium on all "I hate bicyclists, they're all crazy, and I wish they were dead!" posts. Therefore I have changed all mentions of "bicycle" to "hoppity ball." Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.]

Dear Woman who ran my Mother down while riding her hoppity ball on the sidewalk,

Have you no descent bone in your self righteous body? As my Mom was leaving work, and headed to the MAX stop at NE 7th, You decided it would be quicker to ride your hoppity ball on the busy sidewalk, than it would be to ride in a designated hoppity ball lane, OR IN THE STREET. So when you plowed into a 60 year old Grandmother and worried about your how your hoppity ball handle was bent, you completely neglected to worry about the other human being with wicked road rash on her elbow. People like you make hoppity ball-ists look bad. I hope your Mom gets run over too someday.