Crazy Lady who lives in the next complex over, directly across the courtyard from my balcony, and always keeps her windows wide open and her blinds all the way up, please seek help already. I've called the cops once already (the day you screamed and ranted profanely non-stop from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m., and I finally realized you were NOT engaged in a domestic dispute but were in the apartment ALONE) and you are really a major pain in the ass. You are seriously interferring with my enjoyment of my otherwise lovely abode and I can't IMAGINE how you haven't been evicted yet; your IMMEDIATE neighbors must love it! I don't know if you're drunk or crazy or BOTH when you go off like this (you sound both), but you obviously think you're talking to someone, as you stand at your window and yell, about how (the latest script) you "just got back from Iraq, helping them install heaters for the winter, got bin Laden, and then I went down to the unemployment agency to help all those people find a job and (unintelligible) I can show you how to refinance your house at 4%, etc..." SHUT THE FUCK UP already! Start a fucking BLOG or something. Or at least close your damned windows.