My kid is almost 2 and he's pretty stoked on the drinking fountain and I can see that your dog is too. There's a dog bowl that someone kindly put on the ground so dogs could drink out of it. but hey you don't have control over what your 100+ lb wolf hybrid does right?! Go ahead, it's cool. Let dog get right up on the fountain and and lap that shit up. What was really cool though was when your friend said the old: " I hear that dog's mouths are clean then humans." I don't know about your dog but mine eats cat shit and licks her own cooch, as I'm sure most people's dogs do. I don't eat cat shit or lick my balls all day but somehow that fuckin' dogs mouth is cleaner that mine. Go figure. So, in the future my kid would like to drink from the fountain and not catch some kind of hep. or flesh eating bacteria from your dogs super clean mouth. Use the fuckin' bowl lady.