Hi. You are an irresponsible dog owner and you give a bad name to other dog owners in the Pearl and NW. You run with your dog without a leash daily at 7am -which puts other animals in danger of being chased down and potentially hurt. I'm told your dogs name is Rufus or Ralph, a brown lab.

I am very upset to say my cat was chased down by your dog today while he was in my yard. He has sustained injuries and gashes to his face and he is missing patches of fur.

Let me spell it out for you: This did not need to happen. This could have been prevented if you were responsible dog owner and used a leash. Using a leash on public property is a law in Multnomah County.

I hope that this has not happened to anyone else's animal and that you start to run with a leash after today and avoid my neighborhood. I will remain optimistic until you give me a reason to think otherwise.

On the off chance you read this- me or one of my neighbors will call animal control the moment I see you running without a leash.