Well I must say, I'm quite flattered.

I counted ALL the 'dislikes' you people have given me here in IA from Friday 6/22 to Friday 6/29. Well my little experiment has concluded, and here's the tally: as of Monday 7/02 at 12:50am PST (that stands for 'Pacific Standard Time' - fyi) I have received A spectacular 804 DISLIKES, YAY! I've gotta say, I'm pretty impressed. I can break down the numbers for you, but that may cause me to exceed the 300 word limit. But yeah, you folks are AWESOME - and I mean that in the shittiest, most facetious way possible. And it's sure nice knowing how gosh darn much you people are thinking about me, even when I'm gone all day. Gets me right in the heart, right here (motioning to heart).