Thank you lady for nearly driving me and my wife off the road from Ramona Falls Trailhead as you sped off Friday. Oh, did we scare you? I know you and your kin have a busy day smashing car windows ahead of you. When we drove up and saw the 3 of you in your beat up off-white and blue Bronco (sans the cap) and the guy riding in the back at 10 am, I knew you were no hikers. But then you confirmed my suspicions when i saw the freshly broken windows of 2 of the 3 cars in the parking lot. It really is great to come back to your car and find that. Nothing like a great day in our National Forests, right?

Don't worry, i couldn't catch you as you drove at a ridiculous rate of speed when you were spotted, so i reported you to the Ranger Station and told all the locals in town about you and your vehicle and what you did. I hope you 3 buy alot of meth with that make-up bag you made off with. You really are an inspiration to us all. I mean, what's better than completely ruining people's vacations and daytrips because you're too pathetic and you suck at life?!