You asked to use my phone because you lost yours. I was with friends I hadn't seen in 15 years. I was nice and lent you mine. You proceeded to send dirty texts to people I work with. Thanks for reminding me no good deed goes unpunished. Lucky for you my friends talked me down from kicking your fat fucking twat self in the face. It would have been a shame to end up in jail the one time we have gotten to see each other in years. Love the "that will show you to lend your phone to people" excuse. I hope some fucked up ex of yours sends your sexts of your FUPA to every on-line outlet available along with a picture of your ugly ass face and you are shamed into oblivion you stupid fuck. I'll still loan my phone to people that need help, just not to entitled bitches at swanky bars like yourself no matter how frowny faced they are. Well played you blubbery piece of afterbirth.