me: fat guy, walking back to work, eating ben-n-jerry's, listening to earbuds
you: some jock kid
you: "hey do you know where such-n-such street is?"
me: pull earbud out, "where who is?"
you: "trying to find the dmv."
me: "dvm, downtown? no idea."
you say something else as we keep walking, you ask me where I work, I say right here and point up at the building we're in front of.
you: "hey man, you should get some cardio, you'll feel better."
me: I give him the stick eye for beat, "i commute by bike. what the fuck is it to you?"
you: you begin moving away as I move towards the doors. "hey just trying to make conversation."
me: "so your opening line is for me get cardio?" and I go inside.
sorry kid, I know it wasn't your opening line, but fuck off nevertheless.