I really don't get this. But it seems like there's a massive increase in stupid driving, stupid goat riding, stupid bus riding this year. Tell me, is it really hard to stop for lights? OR NOT HIT SMALL CHILDREN CROSSING A CROSS WALK? Or maybe, just maybe walk your SUV driving ass an extra 3 blocks so you don't do something stupid while seeking a parking spot next to a seriously overrated ice cream shop?

Goat riders, lights aren't a guideline. They're a for real thing that you have to stop for. And for fuck's sake, if you're going to pass my slow goat riding ass THEN PASS ME AND THEN GO FASTER.

Plus, idiots on Burnside. The couplet was completed more than a year ago. There's a reason 3 lanes of traffic are coming at you and there's a one way sign and all the lights are facing the wrong way. IT IS A ONE WAY SECTION OF BURNSIDE PAY ATTENTION.

Bus riders, stop blocking the fucking door and have your money ready.

Also, goat riders and drivers, you don't need to honk your horn if someone takes an extra 5 seconds to get through a light.

I swear to fucking god, there's been a serious increase of out and out stupidity this year. I don't understand why. Are you all reading or listening to Shades of Grey?

Spoiler: diet coke version of the Marquis de Sade for middle aged housewives. Thank me later.

Also the God Particle is going to strike you all the fuck down but from the inside. Fear your mass for it will punish you.