You left me bleeding on the road at the corner of Multnomah & Grand at 2:30 am this weekend. Me and my bike, mangled. I could barely crawl to the side of the road. You drove off. Blood was spilling from my head as fast as the exhaust left your car as you speed away. We now share a very intimate and unpleasant relationship. You and I were even in the news together, I hear. Hit and run. Or was that even real? 'You' could be a unicorn for all I know. I was so dumfounded 'You' could be a month old donut I hit on the road. But that's not the case. Is it?

I work full time, yet like a lot of people I live around poverty. I can't afford a car, a house, a child. But I try to still enjoy. Like when I went out Friday evening. I now have a huge medical bill. I now have to find a way to buy a new bike. Now I have to tell my loved ones I came close to death. And they have to deal with that. And look at me in pain, unable to move. My whole body feels bankrupt and bruised. I can't lay down without help getting up. I can't go to work yet need to budget new expenses like bandages,tape,medicine and the gauze that in some places is still stuck to my road rash. Maybe you should just give me your car, since you clearly cant drive. I've done shameful shit before. At least donate a new bike to the Mercury for me if you aren't going to pay for your human mistakes. I always wanted a baby blue 57cm Cannondale!