Homeless people of inner SE Portland - I get it. You have no place to take a dump. Our parking lot offers a rare protected view from the street, and a dumpster to prop yourself up on, and that has to be incredibly attractive when you're searching for perspective places to drop off your kids.

The thing is, we are a tiny company, and Bum Shit Duty falls on me and me alone. I refuse to do it, and it's causing tension around here.

So here's what I'd like to propose - shit on public property! The city can deal with it, then. With employees that have proper training and suits or whatever to handle it. Or, hell, even just shit in the grass next to the street - then everybody can just play a charade that it's dog shit and ignore it accordingly. When it's on pavement, six feet from our business's door, we can't ignore it.

Please and thank you.