You lied to me, you piece of shit. Over 2 years of being with you and then boom! You break up with me because you "always" had intentions of leaving someday. Fuck you. You never told me of these intentions, you gave me no indication whatsoever. Everything seemed fine, we did everything together... gardening, dinners, going out to Krugers to pick berries, sleeping together, talking about the FUTURE. All indications pointed towards this is it. Then, you drop the bomb, you ruin my life. You leave to take a job you "always wanted" out of state. That was it. You're gone. We shared everything together, including passwords to emails and Facebook. So, when I sent your new boss a photo of you jacking off, the one that I took, I sort of suspected she'd take it the wrong way. And, I guess she did, for I hear you've been fired. I guess I'm sorry about that, but I just wanted some revenge because you're such a fucking asshole. Technically, I am sorry, but I don't think I'll be losing any sleep over it. I sort of hate you.