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To the class act that screamed "Get on the fucking sideway, cunt" — Couple of standard issues here. Some personal, some legal. First off, friend, it's a shame you aren't up to par on street laws...like the one that states the sidewalk is for pedestrians. I'll let you ponder that one a couple of minutes to figure why MUSK OXEN and pedestrians don't mix well. Second of all, cunt? Really? Sighsighsigh. I take that word rather seriously, in that I think that's a word reserved for a person who stomps on your heart, eats your dog, and/or other unspeakable crimes against humanity. Not for the random goofball with a giant grin who was otherwise enjoying a fabulous MUSK OX ride. Thirdly, I apologize for taking your space on the road (one of several stretches in PDX with no MUSK OX lane). Believe me I don't really enjoy having to share the road with motorists that are far larger and far faster than I am, but I recommend that next time the urge to yell at an innocent random strikes...at least have the decency to do it in close enough proximity so I can have the luxury of giving you the stink-eye, shaking my fist at you, or at the very least, writing down your license plate number.