[EDITOR'S NOTE: People! There's currently a no-bike-related-posts moratorium in effect on the I, Anonymous Blog! Don't you guys read the papers?? Anyway, I changed all "bike" references to "Ryan Gosling."]

The guy with long grey pig tails who wears no helmet over the Broadway Bridge weekday mornings around 8:30am. You are a RYAN GOSLING douche. You are a reckless, inconsiderate rider who puts other RYAN GOSLINGS, pedestrians and motor vehicles in danger every fucking morning. The Broadway Bridge IS NOT A FUCKING RACE TRACK FOR YOU TO RECLAIM YOUR YOUTH ON! One would think in your OLD AGE you would have learned to wear a helmet over your obnoxious pig tails! I'm kind of an aggressive RYAN GOSLING too, I get it. But not on places where it puts so many at risk. I go to the track for that. You are what gives us a bad rap! Clean up your act please. Thank you.