I have a dresser that I got about 23 years ago from a friend who lived in an older apt. downtown who got it from an elderly neighbor whose family it had been in for as long as she could remember. I dont know much about it beyond that. It's old. It came with a mirror that's so old that you get a better reflection from pink plastic foil barbi brush's mirror. It has wooden castors. It's varnish is turning blackish and crackling in way it does when it's old, it has original brass hardware, and that whateveritis style of foot, and I did a bit of research and I think it was made in the 1700's. I really do, but I dont think it's that valuable because the veneer on the top is chipping at the edges. You totally agree with me about it's potential age up until I say "veneer". Then you hang your head a bit and chuckle and say in that "Oh you ridiculous little Antiques Roadshow simpleton" sort of jovial way that it couldn't POSSIBLY be that old. Huh huh huh...! Veneer hasnt been around since, well not that long. Maybe you're thinking of laminate. Or maybe you're thinking of fake veneer movie star teeth...I dont know what. But really, veneer, it's been around since before the original George W had his fake teeth - which were wooden and may have been veneer,but still available back in the day...it's not new.