Dear father-in-law, I am done arguing with you over political issues. It's true, the old saying, don't discuss religion or politics with family. You're a right-wing, conservative nut-bag and that is all there is to it. You, like so many others of your ilk, cannot sit down and discuss, point by point, your political leanings. When I asked you what accomplishments the Republican/Right-Wing/Conservative party has accomplished in the last 30 years, you cannot name a single one. Not one! When I point out that the Republican/Right-Wing/Conservative party has always been on the wrong side of history, you ask me how. I rattle off examples, because it's all too easy: your party was against ending slavery, opposed to woman's suffrage, supported the Jim Crow laws, opposed the 40hr work week and workplace safety, opposed child labor laws, the civil rights act, supported McCarthyism, against marriage equality, climate change, equal pay for women...etc. The list goes on and on, dearest father-in-law. When I point out the record number of filibusters since Obama took office, the complete obstruction, the Two Santa Claus theory, and how the Republican/Right-Wing/Conservatives choose party over country instead of country over party, your eyes just glaze over and you change the subject. I guess I can't yell at you like Fox News or Limbaugh does and I'm done, old man. I'm done trying to have an intelligent political discussion with you. From now on, it's just family stuff and love. Go Romney?