I know I need to lose a few pounds. I'm riding in the overweight category right now and I definitely need some exercise. It's been kind of a rough year health wise, which is why I was in there, so I assumed you'd understand why I hadn't done a lot of exercise recently.

My GP has never mentioned it, neither has any other doctor I've seen. My blood pressure is good, my temp is good and my pulse is good. There's been no hint of going on a health kick either and what little exercise I get seems pretty good.

So there really wasn't any need for you to say to the doctor in the next room "these are so and so's results, you know the *chubby* girl in the exam room?"

You were a total patronizing bitch the whole time I was in there. You seemed to not get it when I said, over and over again, YOU WORK WITH A LOT OF CHILDREN? By time I left I was murderous. So thanks asshole, like I wasn't self conscious enough about my weight. You and your hairy lip should probably retire forever. God help you if you have grandkids you spindly harpy.