Totally agree about the trash problem From Anonymous in Aug issue. hope Mercury will do a follow up story with pics.I was out at Salvie Island beach last week and below the nesting osprey Was exactly what Anonymous was Talking about FUCKING TRASH ALL LONG THE ROAD UP THE STAIRS AND ON TO ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RIVER BEACHES IN OREGON! I got out, grab 3 of my recycleble bags, and as the mother osprey and chicks looked down in disbelief, I filled to the top the human waste. Of course some respectful people said thanks! as they walk right bye discarted taco bell bags ,empty Papst cans and a shit load of CIGARETTE BUTTs Thats another issue, SMOKERS DONT YOU GET IT, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO SMOKE, YOU DONT HAVE A RIGHT TO DISCARD THEM ON THE GROUND ( SHIT HEADS) ! I know its redundant, but you have to drill it into their braindead sculls, Sincerly Anonymous